+ What areas do you offer delivery and refills?

We currently service homes, apartments and businesses in four counties: Greenville, Spartanburg, Pickens and Anderson.

+ What type of containers can be refilled?

Any clean container can be refilled! Plastic, glass, aluminum, salsa jar, bottle, zip-lock, stasher bag, paper bag, etc. - as long as it's clean, we'll fill it up! 

+ What is the difference between delivery and refill?

Delivery: add products to your basket and we will deliver them to your address. 

Refill: add refill to your basket (along with any other items you want) and we fill up your containers at your address.

+ Where do your products come from?

We work hard to source from small makers located in the Southeast region of the US. Many of the small businesses that we work with are women-owned and all have high ethical standards. 

+ Can I try products before I buy them?

Since our products are all sold by weight, you are welcome to purchase a small amount of various products (usually less than a couple dollars) before purchasing larger quantities.

+ How do payments work?

We currently only accept card payments. Payments for refills will take place once the refill is complete and will be based on the weight of product filled. Payments for packaged items will take place during online checkout.

+ So you really don't ship?

We're focusing on meeting the needs of our neighborhood. In an effort to keep our carbon emissions low and our community impact high, we do not offer shipping. 

+ What's your refund and exchange policy?

We currently do not offer refunds or exchanges. Please contact us at hello@amendmarket.com for more info.