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sustainable(ish) makeup favorites

Last year we had five weddings to attend in late summer/fall and it felt like a good reason to go through my makeup collection. Historically I've always had a very minimal makeup routine and tend to gravitate towards the "no makeup" makeup look which to my luck was trending last summer. I've also tried to slowly swap out products for more "natural" once my OG products are emptied. Then, with all the events we had last year, I felt like most of my makeup had expired or no longer matched my skintone or just wasn't working anymore. So I ventured into the widddeeee world of finding new products that I love and these are some of them. 


1. I'm not a makeup expert (just a shopkeep attempting to make long form content for the first time ever)

2. My personal priorities when it comes to investing in makeup have been: 

- transparent brand values + prioritizing women-owned brands

- clean(ish) ingredients

- effectiveness

Packaging has taken a lower priority for me because I am not throwing out a large amount of makeup products, therefore they aren't a large portion of my waste stream that I'm currently focusing on fixing. I also have tried some bamboo/cardboard application products and didn't love the process. I will always stay open minded and try new products especially as more sustainable brands emerge each year, but for my current collection, thoughtful packaging has not been a focus. 

3. As always, you do what's best for you! This is not a "must haves" list or anything that influencers try to sell you. You know your skin, budget, preferences better than anyone on the internet so you make decisions that are best for you!

Okay without further rambling because I'm nervous to share the longest video I've ever recorded... My sustainable(ish) makeup favorites!