Visit South Carolina's first sustainable refill shop at 1296 Pendleton Street, GVL.

A Letter To Our Amenders

We started 2021 trying to practice, believe + live out a new motto “It’s good to be new at something”.

This past year brought on a lot of newness for our little fam. We moved from Houston, TX to Greenville, SC, finished our first year of marriage and moved onto year two, made a couple of career shifts and even started South Carolina’s first mobile refillery and Greenville’s first sustainable shop. Throughout the whole year we have a lot to be thankful for, but honestly we are the most thankful for you. 

You tried something new!

You refilled hand soap, dish soap, shampoo + organic quinoa. You shopped locally for sustainably made goods and you supported 23 US based, women-owned businesses. You took action for a more sustainable, equitable and compassionate community! 

You let us care for you + your fam through everyday essentials with good ingredients that are made with love. I hope you’ve heard me say this many times - you da best! You took action, you believed in our biz and you made a swap for the better. 

You’re the reason we can continue to offer refills + sustainable home goods across the upstate. You are the reason we’ve kept 250 jars and bottles out of production (+ out of the landfill) and you’re the reason we’re pumped for 2022.

Here’s to more refills in the driveway, connecting with neighbors over solid dog shampoo, making new friends and choosing to make purchases that prioritize people over profit. 

Thank you for showing us that there is so much good that can come from being new at something. 

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year


Kendall + Dave